Automatic Rebar Spiral Bending Machine|Spiral Machining Of 6-14mm Steel Bar In Hydraulic Numerical Control

Automatic Rebar Spiral Bending Machine|Spiral Machining Of 6-14mm Steel Bar In Hydraulic Numerical Control

1. Automatic rebar spiral bending machine adopts integrated control of single chip microcomputer, and it can be adjusted arbitrarily Parameters, many parameters storage function, digital display, time saving, convenient Management to improve production efficiency. 2. Part adopts the imported devices to ensure the service life of the machine.The meter error is very small with the encoder, and it is accurately positioned. 3. the machine has the characteristics of smooth, fast and accurate, and can be fast. slowThe characteristics of speed and upside down.Smooth: all with hydraulic transmission, cycloid motor, without gear help,The clearance of gear can be reduced.Fast: 20-40 meters per minute Accurate: circle error + 0.50MM 4. this machine is box type structure, the rigidity is good, the hydraulic transmission part is flexible and reliable. 5. Control box is equipped with fast feeding, automatic cutting, manual cutting and automatic control.Stop, start, and other functions

Product Details

Automatic rebar spiral bending machine|Spiral machining of 6-14mm steel bar in hydraulic numerical control

The use of Automatic rebar spiral bending machine:
It is mainly used in the construction of high iron, elevated bridge and pipe pile, which can roll round and spring
Type spiral tendons, prestressed spiral tendons and so on.
The spiral rib shaping machine is a professional student for the processing of photovoltaic power plants and high speed iron spiral tendons.
A new type of equipment, mainly used in high iron, elevated, bridge Guan Zhuangshi
Work, can roll round, spring type spiral tendons, prestressed spiral tendons and other specifications,
The machine adopts the CNC programmable system. The 4-22 round can be coiled, and rebar
Round circle round forming processing, can set a single circle, multi circle machining one time
Type. The user can set the diameter of the rebar bending ring and the number of rings and two volumes according to the requirements.Automatic rebar spiral bending machine .jpgThe spacing can be set by itself, the whole circle can be machined and the Automatic rebar spiral bending machine, and the diameter of the circle can be machined.
The circle of 10-1000mm can be processed in one time.
Helical rib molding machine advantages:
Full automatic control system, intelligent numerical control electronic control box, imported accessories, stable feeding
Fast and accurate, 10 second 1 spiral tendons finished products, automatic cut off. Integrated control system
Parameter arbitrary adjustment, time saving, hydraulic transmission, encoder meter error
The difference is small, the speed is fast 20-40m/min. One person operates an artificial Province, a real low
Ben, the efficiency is high.
Product parameters:






Applicable steel bar diameter





Total motor power





Speed of travel


Cut off the form

         Automatic hydraulic cut off

Bend diameter


Standard sizes  mm











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