DBG-40C Rebar Thread Rolling Machine With Processing Diameter Ф16-Ф40mm

1. Easy to operate. Automatic opening-closing mechanism for rib peeling device, need only 30 seconds to finish a threaded end.
2.can be completed once the stripping stripping, rolling thread processing
3. Peel ribs and roll threads by the same machine, so could save labor and improve productivity.
4. Widely used. Be able to process rebar diameter 16-40mm
5. Environment-friendly, safe, no environment and weather restrictions.
6. Economic, low investment for the equipment
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Product Details

Description of rebar thread rolling machine:

Rebar thread machine is widely used in building and constructingindustries to bend rebar. Rebar is the abbreviation of reinforcing bar. It isalso called reinforcing steel and reinforcement steel. Rebar seems like atension device. It is usually used to reinforce the building structure and holdthe concrete in tension.

Rebar thread rolling machine is used to realize the reinforcement and thread processing of the steel bar at the time of cutting and rolling thread. It solves the problem of pretreatment of the steel bar before processing and the number of times of the same equipment Into the problem

rebar thread rolling machine.jpg

Parameters of Rebar Thread Rolling Machine

Main motor power:

4KW  8A

with power: three-phase

Three-phase voltage380V  50HZ

reducer speed ratio

17、23 shaft speed(82-48)r/min

the diameter of processing bars:


the maximum processing length