GJW-20 Reinforced Bar Forming Machine

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Product Details

Description of Reinforced bar forming machine:

Reinforced bar forming machine is mainly used in the construction of the grille arch of the grid, bridge, subway and other construction projects. The grid arch is made up of the main bar, the eight-character bar, the U-shaped steel bar, the bender and the angle steel connecting plate 

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Installation of reinfroced bar forming machine:

(1) Select the required unit according to the construction site.

(2) lifting. The selected unit is lifted from the stack with electric machinery to the working surface. This process is concerned with protecting        the grille from bending and tearing.

(3) the initial position. Artificially transported to the face of the grille by the position of the first place in place. And the units are bolted. semi    automatic bar bending machine Do not twist in order to adjust.

(4) review. Once the grid is in place, check it immediately. The main review center line and elevation, timely adjustment, to achieve the correct meet the design requirements.

(5) positioning check after passing, tighten the connection bolts, and welding with the positioning of a solid.

(6) connection. Grille positioning, the timely welding of longitudinal connecting ribs, and the former a strong welding, grille and anchor    connection must meet the requirements.

Parameters of  Reinforced bar forming machine:

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factory of reinforced bar forming machine

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