strand wire Press Machine Manufacturer|factory Price

strand wire Press Machine Manufacturer|factory Price

1) joint shock resistance, low temperature resistance and so on.
2) is not affected by the environment, all day construction.
3)Crusher quality is stable and reliable.
4) quality is qualified to do social obligations, quality excellence is the contribution to society
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Description of strand wire press machine:

Strand wire press machine a full set of equipment include: a high-pressure pump station, a hydraulic clamp, a die, 5M high-pressure tubing two, a set of tools.

Second, the purpose of the project: in the highway bridge project is worthy of popularization and application of steel extrusion machine technology in the pile foundation project to make the steel cage to achieve the overall docking, can improve the vertical cage cage to speed up the pile into the speed, , The collapse of the accident occurred, to improve the quality of the pile in the bridge pier and column, cover beams and ordinary reinforced concrete beams, plates to achieve the main bar cold pressure docking, steel joints can be avoided and the joints bent steel bending difficult There is welding stress problem, reduce the electricity load, improve the quality of joints, to speed up the construction progress. cold extrusion press machines Applicable to industrial and civil construction (structure) buildings, high-rise buildings.

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Parameters of rebar cold extrusion press machine

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