Rebar Extrusion Press Machine|Construction Sites And Other Steel Connection Applications

1 Stable connection process, convenient construction, easy operation.
2 Joint’s performance is reliable, quality is easy to check and control, and not affected by welding performance of rebar.
3 It is not affected by climate change, can be all-weather operations.
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Rebar Extrusion Press Machine|Construction sites and other steel connection applications

Descriptions of Rebar cold extrusion press machine:

Cold extrusion bar splicing is a new form of mechanical connection, the basic principle is: Insert two un-connected bars into a special connecting sleeve, then use hydraulic tool press sleeve in radial direction, make sleeve occur plastic deformation, thus make sleeve’s inner wall embed the grooves of rebar’s cross rib, finally implement the connection of two bars. Axial force that the rebar bears is mainly through rebar’s rib and the shear force between sleeve after deformation to pass.

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Specifications of Rebar Extrusion Press Machine:

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