Reinfored Rebar Forming Machine

1. The device is simple, easy to operate fast.
2. Design is reasonable, with fast, low energy consumption.
3. Easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, high degree of automation, small footprint, high production efficiency.

Product Details

Why you need a Reinfored Rebar Forming Machine:

The production of eight-shaped bars and the production of flower arches are the key links in the welding process of flower arches.

Generally, it is not easy to do the eight-shaped ribs on construction sites, and many construction sites are not standardized, resulting in too low efficiency in the production process, many of them are asymmetrical, quality inspections are not qualified, and rework is everywhere. After the "8" rib is processed by the cold bending machine with the eight-shaped rib, the manual processing is replaced by mechanized processing, which not only improves work efficiency, but also effectively reduces the labor intensity of workers. Compared with manual processing, mechanical processing reduces labor costs. Investment.

Reinfored Rebar Forming Machine

Parameters of Reinfored rebar forming machine:



Specifications Model


Total power




Dimensions (L * W * H): 2700*700*1400mm

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