Rebar Spiral Bending Machine|YGW-10/12/16/22

1.Easy operation:just setting system as instruction
2.Labor saving:It can work alone after beginning to work.Workers can do other thing
3.Low noise:hydraulic cutting, without noise
4.Steady performance, maintenance easily
5.Economic price, with saving energy
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Product Details

Rebar Spiral Bending Machine|YGW-10/12/16/22

Product Description of Rebar Spiral Bending Machine:

Rebar Spiral Bending Machine adopts microcomputer CNC automatic PLC code control system, users simply enter numerical coding spiral reinforcement spacing in the upper display, a few meters, cut length error of 5mm or less, you can automatically cut the spiral bar, greatly improving the project Accuracy and efficiency, in the construction of prestressed bridge is extremely versatile.

Product Parameters of Rebar Spiral Bending Machine:


Main Features of Rebar Spiral Bending Machine:

1.The spiral making machine is designed by our own,adopt CNC operation systerm,easy to operate
2.The key part of the machine adopts imported components,make sure the machine working life
3.Using encoder to measure lenth,positioning accurately,small error
4.With the features of work stable,quickly speed,exactly ring size
5.This machine is box -type structure, hydraulic transmission parts are flexible