Rebar Upset Forging Machine

The machine is easy to operate
high in processing quality
fast in speed
free from environmental influences

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HDCJ-50# automatic double-cylinder reinforced shovel machine is made of high pressure to make the steel head Cold-pressure plastic deformation, increased diameter, re-machined threads, making the processing thread effective The section is larger than the steel base material to improve the joint quality and make the joints resist pressure and tensile The strength is greater than that of the base metal. This machine is suitable for countries with high requirements such as bridges ,subways, some engineering steel connections.

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1、Application:Ф12—Ф50mm(HRB335 and HRB400) Ф12—Ф40mm(HRB500) 

2、Motor power:Y132M-4 11KW 

3、Power:three phase 380V 50Hz 

4、Hydraulic pump:16MCY14-1B 31.5MPa 

5、Hydraulic oil:46#hydraulic oil 

6、Weight and Size:1300KG 1350 ×950×1750mm

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