Spiral Bar Forming Machine|CNC Hydraulic Screw Steel Processing Machinery for Bridges

1. Fast: 20-40 meters per minute, accurate: round error ± 0.50MM.
2 key parts of the use of imported devices to ensure that the machine's life, the use of encoder meter meter error is very small, accurate positioning.
3 The machine has a smooth, fast and accurate features that can be fast. Slow, down Shun material characteristics.
4 using single-chip integrated control, arbitrary adjustment parameters, a variety of parameters storage function, digital display, save time, easy management, improve production efficiency.
5 quality - bring you to see the future, can not tell the wonderful
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Product Details

Spiral bar forming machine|CNC hydraulic screw steel processing machinery for bridges

Product description:

Spiral bending machine using microcomputer automatic PLC coding NC control system, the user only need to enter the CNC encoder on the top of the spiral spacing, meters, cut the length of the error of 5mm or less, you can achieve automatic processing of spiral ribs cut off, greatly improved the project Precision and efficiency, in the bridge prestressed construction is widely used.

Products use:

Mainly used for high-speed rail, viaduct, pipe pile construction, can roll, spring-type spiral tendons and other specifications of prestressed anchor with a new type of automatic spiral CNC  spiral plate bending machine


Product parameters:






Applicable steel   bar diameter





Total motor power





Speed of travel


Cut off the form

         Automatic   hydraulic cut off

Bend diameter


Standard sizes  mm










 zhongtuo rebar spiral bending machine.png

Role of four spiral tendons:

First of all:

1. To rebar spiral bending machine prevent the longitudinal reinforcement after the compression and fixed longitudinal reinforcement position.

2. Improve the fragility of component damage.

3. With the longitudinal reinforcement to form a skeleton, to ensure skeleton stiffness.

    Secondly, the spiral tendons also play a role in restraining the internal concrete of the core to improve the bearing capacity. When the column needs to withstand greater axial pressure, and the cross-sectional size is limited, increase the reinforcement and improve the strength of concrete can not meet the requirements of the circumstances, can produce a larger use of spiral stirrups or welding ring stirrups (spiral bending machine) To improve the bearing capacity of the column. The specific reason for the increase of bearing capacity is that the core part of the concrete has a large transverse deformation, so that the spiral stirrups produce ring tension, that is, the core part of the concrete by the radial pressure of the spiral tendons, in the three-way pressure state, Pressure strength can be used spiral stirrup or welding ring stirrup (automatic rebar spiral bending machine) to improve the bearing capacity of the column.

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