Spirals-hoops Bar Bending Machines

. Compact structure, and easy to operate. 2. Use special thicker steel plate, high rigidity disk of iron, and motor with high quality, which guarantee a more stable performance. 3. It guarantees a longer life with the eccentric bushing, ultra-high hardened accessories and adjustable baffle, 4. Wide bending range.
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Description of Spirals hoops bar bending machines:

The steel bar bending hoop machine belongs to a kind of steel bar bending machine structure improvement. The utility model comprises a reducer, a large gear, a pinion and a curved disk.
Steel bar bending hoop machine is an ideal steel bar bending equipment, mainly used for large-scale construction projects, such as briges, tunnels, culverts, hydropower stations, subway project 360° steel arc forming processing.

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Parameters of Spirals-hoops bar bending machine:

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