Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine|Double Cylinder Hydraulic Numerical Control Bridge Screw Steel Upsetting Equipment

Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine|Double Cylinder Hydraulic Numerical Control Bridge Screw Steel Upsetting Equipment

1 double cylinder Hydraulic Upsetting Machine 2 touch screen numerical control operation 3 accurate and efficient construction 4 the quality of the product is the life of an enterprise

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Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine|Double cylinder hydraulic numerical control bridge screw steel upsetting equipment

Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine

Steel bar straight thread roller press. It is mainly used for building engineering ribbed steel rolling thread straight thread head, it is the key equipment to realize the connection of steel bar. It can process HRB335 and HRB400 grade ribbed bar with diameter 16-40mm.
The steel bar straight thread roller press can complete the processing from ribbing to rolling thread at one time. The thread is full, the dimension accuracy is high, and the mechanical strength is high.
It can be processed both straight thread and machinable back thread.
The machine is simple in operation, compact in structure, reliable in work, and with a unique automatic opening and closing mechanism.
Processing diameter range is 1640mm HRB335 and HRB400 grade steel.
Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine consists of frame, clamp, rail, slide, cycloid reducer, rib rolling head, feeding mechanism, automatic switching mechanism, travel limit mechanism, cooling system, electric control box, control system and other components.
Four. Main technical parameters
1. diameter range of steel bar: [Phi] 16- [Phi] 40mm
2. main motor power: 4.0KW
3. power supply: three phase 380V50Hz
4. spindle speed: 40-62r/min
Maximum machining length of 5. thread: 200mm
6. weight: 560kg

Auto Rebar Upsetting Machine .jpgOperation process
1. connect the power supply, open the cooling water valve, press forward start button can rotate the handle to achieve feeding, cutting feed direction of the workpiece, when the rib length reaches the requirement, stripping knife automatically open, turn the handle to feed, can realize the rolling thread, when the screw rolling wheel and steel contact force must be. And the main shaft rotation. The axial feed is a pitch length, when the feed to a certain extent, can realize automatic feeding, automatic parking until the entire rolling process is completed, press the start button reversal, can realize the automatic cutter withdrawal.
2., when the automatic withdrawal is finished, the feed handle is turned clockwise, and the rolling head is returned to the initial position. At this time, the ribbing knife is automatically reset, Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine and the finished workpiece can be unloaded.
3. check the length of thread ring gauge, the error in the range of qualified; at the same time with the screw gauge inspection gauge can search wire head size, screwing, not only the rules or not completely screwed into the screw is qualified.
When 4. rolling reverse wire, the rolling screw wheel in the rolling head will be exchanged at any two positions; then the stroke switch is interchanged before and after the block is pressed, and the stroke is kept constant.
5. anti rolling wire, press forward start button, turn the feed handle to feed the cutting direction of the workpiece, when the rib length reaches the requirement, stripping knife automatically open, stop feeding, then press the stop button to stop, press the reverse button, rolling head reverse rotation handle to feed, you can roll the anti rolling thread. When the rolling wheel and the contact force must be reinforced, and the rotation of the spindle, a week, a pitch length of axial feeding, when the feed to a certain extent, can realize automatic feeding, automatic parking until the whole rolling process is completed. Press the forward button, you can achieve automatic return knife.

Regrinding and replacement
1. rib peeling knife cutting a certain number of steel blade will be blunted, will remove the rib peeling knife, front edge will go to 0.2-0.3mm (no top edge sharpening), after installation can be re used.
The new blade can be replaced when the 2. ribbed blade crack can not be cut normally.
When the 3. roller rolls rolling a certain number of silk heads, the new rolling wire should be replaced in time because of the damage of the tooth shape and the failure of rolling out the qualified silk head.
4. when the new roller roller is replaced, the washer that adjusts the pitch must be installed correctly, otherwise it can not work normally.
Six. Use of attention
The 1. cooling liquid must use water-soluble emulsified coolant, strictly prohibit the use of oily coolant, more than ordinary lubricating oil can be replaced.
2. no rolling thread is strictly prohibited when there is no coolant.
The bar end 3. to be processed should be smooth, must use toothless saw cutting. And in the end of the internal 500mm length of straight round, not allowed to bend, but does not allow the end of machining cutting or cutting machine.
4. in the initial cutting feed should be uniform, not Mengjin, to prevent the blade crack.
5. the slide and slider should be cleaned and oil regularly.
6. iron scraps should be cleaned in time.
7. cooling liquid tank for half a month.
The 8. reducer should be reiled regularly to maintain the specified level of oil.Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting MachineThe 9. roller press should be maintained regularly.
10. the machine shell of the machine tool must be reliably grounded and then used again.
Equipment features:
(1) simple operation, hydraulic electrical control, no professional technicians, ten minutes to open the operation;
(2) enlarging the cross section area of the end of the steel bar by 15-20%, so that the bottom diameter of the thread is not less than the diameter of the steel bar, and the tensile strength of the steel bar can be played in 110%.
(3) the production efficiency is high, each class can be upsetting 300-500 heads;
(4) reinforced processing range, can be processed in accordance with GB1499 or BS4449 (CS2) steel standard diameter of 16- with 50 kinds of specifications.
(5) the equipment failure rate is small, the spare parts are not easily damaged, and the construction cost is bottom.
(6) environmental protection, safety, unaffected by the environment and climate.
Specifications: 16 18 20 22 25 28 32 36  40
Effective buckle: 111011121112141314

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