Straight Thread Rolling Machine|Efficient Straight Thread Processing Sleeve Connection Equipment for Construction

1 can be completed once the stripping stripping, rolling thread processing;
2 processing full shape, high dimensional accuracy;
3 simple operation, easy adjustment, high processing efficiency, long service life.
4 quality first, reputation as the most important, management-oriented, service-oriented
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Product Details

Straight thread rolling machine|Efficient straight thread processing sleeve connection equipment for construction

Product description:

The Straight thread rolling machine of steel bar is used to realize the reinforcement and thread processing of the steel bar at the time of cutting and rolling thread. It solves the problem of pretreatment of the steel bar before processing and the number of times of the same equipment Into the problem, so that the scene to reduce the process of processing and multiple steel handling, construction more convenient, fast, simple operation. Improve the work efficiency, shorten the duration; Straight thread rolling machine using a rolling head can be achieved on a variety of specifications of steel rolling processing, to solve the same equipment on the end of steel processing straight thread required for each type of a rolling head The Straight thread rolling machine with the inside out of the coolant to solve the rolling process chip removal problems, and can achieve automatic feeding until the entire rolling process is completed automatically stop, and then automatically reverse, you can achieve automatic retreat, Automatic stop and automatic reset of the automation process.

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Products use:

DBG-40C Straight thread rolling machine is the latest research and development of the company's products, mainly for the construction of ribbed steel bar rolling straight wire thread processing, is to achieve the key connection of steel equipment, processing φ12-φ40mm HRB335-500 grade ribbed steel bar

Product parameters:

Main motor power:

4KW  8A

with power: three-phase

Three-phase voltage380V  50HZ

reducer speed ratio

17、23 shaft speed(82-48)r/min

the diameter of processing bars:


the maximum processing length




Use of Straight thread rolling machine operation Note:

1. Before operation, connect the power cord and ground wire as required, and turn on the power supply. Power supply for the three-phase 380V 50Hz AC power, in order to ensure personal safety, need to use the automatic switching function with leakage protection.

2. Cool the tank, add enough soluble coolant (no refueling coolant). Cooling liquid must use water-soluble emulsifying coolant, the use of oil-based coolant, not to use ordinary lubricants instead. When there is no coolant, it is forbidden to roll the thread. Turn on the power, you need to check the cooling pump work is normal. Operation button, check the electrical control system is working properly. Depending on the diameter of the bar to be Rebar Thread Cutting Machine, care should be taken to replace the rolling wheel that is compatible with the machining diameter.

3. Be sure to place the steel bar to be machined on the centering jaw. The extension length should be aligned with the end of the head of the rolling head of the starting position and then the handle clamped.

4. The ends of the bars to be machined shall be flat and must be cut with a toothless saw. And in the end of the length of 500mm range should be straight, not allowed to bend, but also not allowed to cut or cut off the machine directly cutting the end of the machine.

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5. Stripping the knife cutting a certain number of steel, the blade will become blunt, this time should be stripping rib knife removed, the cutting edge of the tool grinding to 0.2-0.3mm (strictly prohibited blade top). Stripping the edge of the knife edge can not be properly cut when the new blade should be replaced.

6. In the initial cutting should be uniform, steel bar straight thread rolling machine do not push forward, to prevent the blade cracked. Slides and sliders should be regularly cleaned and oiled. After processing the iron filings should be cleaned up in time. General cooling liquid box half months to clean up once. The reducer should be refueled regularly to maintain the specified oil level. In addition, rolling machine should pay attention to regular maintenance.

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