Upset Forging Machine|Hydraulic Automatic Forging Machine Steel Stitching for the Bridge

1 simple structure, easy to operate
2 upsetting action step by step, high production efficiency.
3 cylinder with high-quality seals, long life, the replacement of mold and easy maintenance.
4 quality is the guarantee of credibility, credibility is the embodiment of quality
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Product Details

Upset Forging Machine|Hydraulic automatic forging machine steel stitching for the bridge

Product description:

Upsetting straight thread connection technology, is a upset forging machine in advance to be the end of the steel thread to be processed upsetting, so that the processing upsetting part diameter thicker than the base metal diameter. And then use the matching set of silk machine for its upsetting part of the wire processing, and then with the same specifications will be processed with two sets of steel head screw thread parts with a wrench to connect, that is, the so-called steel bar. Upsetting and other strong thread connection technology has a stable performance, connecting the effort and fast, Rebar Cold Forging Machine high test pass rate advantages, but also can completely solve the problem of non-rotatable connection of steel.

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Products use:

The Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine is to make the end of the building steel extrusion upsetting, to increase the cross-sectional area of the purpose of steel, it applies to Φ16-Φ40mm II , III. IIII grade building reinforcement. Applicable to construction, road and bridge, high-speed rail, power station requirements of the project.

Three product parameters:

Processing of steel range:


Rated power:


Rated power:

380V 50HZ

Hydraulic oil:

68# anti-wear hydraulic oil

Maximum working pressure


Total machine weight:


Machine size


Product notes

1. Upset the bar, use the workpiece bracket to align the center, and to prevent the workpiece loose pressure machine dumping

2. Must be familiar with the specifications of the cold heading steel pressure, to prevent overpressure upset forging machine.

3. Mold cavity slip surface, often in addition to oxide, refueling

4. Injection of hydraulic oil, must be through the oil filter into the tubing, hydraulic oil temperature can not exceed 45 degrees

5. No secondary upsetting, the impact of headset bending, split

6. Do not boot away, causing the piston travel through the head, destroy the activities of the die

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