Rebar End Cold Forging Machine

Rebar end cold forging machine is to make the end of the building steel extrusion upsetting, to increase the cross-sectional area of ​​the purpose of steel. It applies to Φ16-Φ40mm II , III. IIII grade building reinforcement. Applicable to construction, road and bridge, high-speed rail, power station etc..
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Description of Rebar end cold forging machine:

First, we use GD-150 to forging the end of rebar.

Second, we use the GZL-45 to threading the end of rebar.

Third, we use the coupler to link the two ends of rebar.

rebar end cold forging machine

Advantages of Rebar end cold forging machine:

1, Upset forging machine adopts upset forging parallel thread connection technology;

2, Wide working range: Adaptable for 12mm-40mm same diameter, different diameter, bending, new and old, advance covered up rebar of GB 1499, bs 4449, ASTM a615 or ASTM a706 standard.

3, High strength: Stronger than the reinforcement bar and guarantees bar break under tensile stress(tensile strength of connection point =1.1 times of connected bar's specified tensile strength). It can satisfy the requirements stipulated in the Chinese standard jgj107-2003, jg171-2005.

4, High efficiency: Upset forging and threading one joint only needs no more than one minute, and handy operation and quick link.

5, Environmental protection and economy profit: No envirement pullution, can work all day, not affected by weather, economize energy source and bar material.

upset forging machine

Parameters of Rebar end cold forging machine:

Processing of steel range:


  Rated power:


   Rated power:

380V     50HZ

   Hydraulic oil:

68# anti-wear hydraulic oil

   Maximum working pressure


    Total machine weight:


Machine size


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upset forging machine

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