Wholesale Character Of Reinforced Bar Forming Machine

Wholesale Character Of Reinforced Bar Forming Machine

The newly improved slow pushing surface system reduces the damage to the steel bar and increases the output.
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Wholesale character of reinforced bar forming machine

Detailed description of character of reinforced bar forming machine:

Tunnel grille arch rib forming machine for the production of eight often has a supporting role in tunnels, bridges, subway and other construction projects in eight grid arch ribs, grid arch is composed of main reinforcement, eight bar, U bar, turn bar, angle connection plate. And to support the main character rib reinforcing effect in which, so how to do a good job in the eight bar grille arch is a very important part of the whole project.

Product advantage of character bar forming machine:

1. The newly improved slow pushing surface system reduces the damage to the steel bar and increases the output.

2, operation control system adopts DC speed regulation and frequency conversion speed control, which improves the efficiency of motor and reduces the noise of motor, making your working environment more environmental friendly, convenient to use and high accuracy.

3, the structure of the fuselage is reasonable and compact, and all the detail parts have been fully improved and strengthened. Let you use more reassurance. The whole machine occupies small area and is convenient to move.

4. an hour can be produced in 300~500 eight word tendon, and can be adjusted and controlled according to the needs.

5. The size of the steel is consistent and the model is neatly. It is a trend of social development that the use of artificial cost is very high, and the use of the eight word tendon embossing machine has reduced the cost of labor and said goodbye to the heavy work.

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Parameters of bar bending machine:

1, rated voltage: 380V (three phase four wire power supply)

2. Rated frequency: 50/60HZ

3. Rated power: 5.5KW

4, greater pressure: 15T

5. The shape size: 2700mm x 800mm x 1300mm

6, the whole machine weight: 1250KG

The structure features of the rod bending machine:

1. Molding machine frame: it is made with high strength steel and special welding process. It is extremely strong.

2, guide column: the use of super special steel, the surface plating chromium has good resistance to torsion and wear resistance.

3. Mould: it is made of high abrasion resistant steel. It has the advantages of long time, small deformation coefficient, simple processing, easy installation and so on.

4, transmission system: this type of machine adopts hydraulic transmission, double foot to complete the double angle bending forming, and the horizontal displacement of the two hydraulic cylinders synchronizes to form the synchronous bending, so as to minimize the molding error.