Anchor Cable Pushing Machine|Prestressing Concrete 12.7mm

1 the machine with automatic threading and automatic brake device, belonging to the technical specialty.
2 post tension strand pushe can retreat, small volume, light weight, simple operation, convenient maintenance.
3 in the process of construction, two people can complete the operation, greatly reduce labor intensity, improve the production efficiency.
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Anchor Cable Pushing Machine|Prestressing Concrete 12.7mm

Describtions of Anchor Cable Pushing Machine:

ZTCSseries of pc strand pusher machine is a equipment which used

to feed through pc strand intocorrugate pipes. Its maximum pushing distance

can be reach more than 200m, minimum pushing distance is less than 40m.

Model: ZTCS

Motor Voltage: Three Phase, 380V, 50HZ, or Single Phase, 220V, 50HZ.
Maximum Pushing Capability: 200m, Minimum Pushing Capacity: 40m.
Usage: For pushing pc strand from one side of sheath duct to another side.
Features of Anchor Cable Pushing Machine:

1).ZTCS strand pusher machine can push pc strand continuously .
2). It has the features of easy operation, reliable performance, efficiency significantly.
3). The machine reduces the labour, and widely used for large-scale bridges,  and constitutive objects.
4). High performance with good quality
5). It is the main tool of through strand in building bridges and large building with Prestressing work.

Product parameters of Anchor Cable Pushing Machine:

Anchor cable pushing machine-0aApplications of Anchor Cable Pushing Machine

It has been widely adopted by modern construction, especially used in pre-tension or post-tension for concrete constructions as building materials, such as bridge construction, railway and highway construction,  underground structures,buildings and channel construction, ect.

Anchor cable pushing machine-1a