Coal Mining Industry Mining Anchor Cable Tensioning Machine

Coal Mining Industry Mining Anchor Cable Tensioning Machine

Mono Jack, Mono Jack and Pump, Pneumatic Jack and Pump manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Coal Mining Industry Mining Anchor Cable Tensioning Machine, 0.5" and 0.6" Multiporous Round Anchor Head for Prestressed Strands, Cnm Good Quality Metal Anchorage and so on.
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Product Details

Coal Mining Industry Mining Anchor Cable Tensioning Machine

1.1 Specifications:
1. Model: CNM-MQ Series Pneumatic Jack and Pump

2. Capacity: 10 tons, 18 tons, 20 tons, 24 tons and 27 tons, etc.

3.  Usage: For pre-stressing single strand or flat anchor system
4. Applications:   Coal  mine , bridge, high buldings, railway and subway,  water conservancy and hydropower engineering .

2. Details for CNM-MQ Series Pneumatic Jack and Pump

1. Jack can complete these automaticly: seize the anchor, load tension, boost and lock anchors under the drive of hydraulic pump, it is necessary during unloading tension and loosing the cable anchor.  

2. Since the main power sourse is high pressure gas, so explotion-proof function is very well.

3. External characteristic for the vane type motors makes that the machine Just meet the demand of tension ,it has this advantage that the tension speed is fast in the earlier stage and slow in the late.

4. Especially used in the work of releasing the prstress of the roof for coal and tunnel,solve the caving problem quickly in the goaf and wind in and out area.

3. Features for CNM-MQ Series Pneumatic Jack and Pump

1. The operated valves have the functions of maintaining the hydraulic load and keeping the load step by step.

2. The force indicator shows the value of output force directly. The jack cylinder is made of premium alloy steel which can support high pressure and have huge tension.

3. The design of anchor's grasping claws are reasonable, the surface is processed by Carbonitriding. It seizes the anchor firmly and smoothly and long service time.

4. The set of equipment work smoothly, operate easily and maintain simply.
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5. FAQ:
1) Q: Do you provide OEM Service or Customized-made Jack and Pump?
A :Yes, we do. Kindly please inform us your required Maximum Capacity(tons) And Stroke(tension journey) for Jack.
2) Q: How to guarantee we get Good Quality Hydraulic Jack And Pump?
A: We have built Testing Center with full ranges of Testing Equipment to test Anchorage, Wedges, PC Strand, Ducts, Hydraulic Jack and Pump. All goods must be tested here to make sure it is qualified before delivery.
3) Q: How is the delivery lead time:
A: Goods in stock: within 3 days, Goods out of stock(7 days), Goods need to be customized(10-15 days).
4) What is your Minimum Order?
A: MOQ: 1 SET.

CNM-MQ Series Pneumatic Jack and Pump Technical Data: 

Rated tensioning  (KN)


Max Tension Stroke (mm)


Tension Speed (cm/min)

13.2cm/min (1 MPa time),10cm/min (1 MPa time)

Confined area of Jack (cm2)


Rated oil pressure (M Pa)


Anchor rope diameter (mm)


Supply gas pressure


Air consumption


Weight-tension Jack (kg)


weight- peneumatic hydraulic pump (kg)