Anchor End Extruder Used In Processing Steel Wire, Strand

Application of Prestressed strand extrusion machine The oil pump is used to supply oil to the extruder, and the extruding sleeve is extruded through the extruding die, and the extruding sleeve is thinned and nested on the steel strand Extrusion through extrusion mode, the maximum oil pressure should be between 25-38Mpa After the extrusion of the extrusion sleeve, the bottom and the steel strand are required to be closely nested, and the extrusion spring shall be embedded between the extruding sleeve and the steel strand The length and the outer diameter of the extrusion sleeve shall be consistent with the manufacturer's given value, and the outer surface shall be smooth and free of cracks
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Introduction of anchor end extruder:

As a specific extruding machine for dead-end anchor type P, this extruder is capable of pressing anchor type P (swaged end), which is usually equipped with φ'12.7 and φ'15.2 steel strand wires.

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GYJ500A Extrusion Machine Technical Data:

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