Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning|Used for P Anchor Extrusion Connection of Bridge Anchor End

1 prestressed extrusion method is simple and reliable, the machine is easy to use, high efficiency, every hour can squeeze 20-30 extruding anchor.
2 handling lightweight, durable, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
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Product Details

Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning|Used for P anchor extrusion connection of bridge anchor end 

Product description:
Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning is composed of a front beam, a main oil cylinder pin, pin nut, prestress, frame composed of several parts, mainly used for steelCompression Fitting Machine, connection.

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Product usage:
The Anchor end extruder is used for extrusion and connection of steel strand extrusion sleeve. It is a kind of specialized equipment used for cold extruding steel strand wrapping anchor work. The Swage Anchor Extruder is used for single end anchorage of stranded steel strands of 12- Phi 15.7

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Product parameters:

Nominal pressure KN


piston extrusion surface 


Nominal oil  mpa


return piston area of


extrusion stroke mm




With the pump


 Dimensions  mm


Points for attention in use of four Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning:
When installing an extrusion sleeve, the prestressed steel strand is pressed into a good steel strand according to a predetermined length, and then is inserted into an extrusion spring and an extrusion sleeve after being turned down, and is extruded and formed on an extruder
Extrusion process;
1 connect the extruder and oil pump and connect the power supply
2 apply the wetted grease on the extrusion die
3 press the spring into the steel strand and go through the extruding die of the press
4 press the sleeve on the top of the steel wire extrusion spring
The oil pump is used to supply oil to the extruder, and the extruding sleeve is extruded through the extruding die, and the extruding sleeve is thinned and nested on the steel strand Matters needing attention
Prestressed strand extrusion machine Extrusion through extrusion mode, the maximum oil pressure should be between 25-38Mpa After the extrusion of the extrusion sleeve, the bottom and the steel strand are required to be closely nested, and the extrusion spring shall be embedded between the extruding sleeve and the steel strand The length and the outer diameter of the extrusion sleeve shall be consistent with the manufacturer's given value, and the outer surface shall be smooth and free of cracks

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