Automatic Colloidal Grout Mixer

1.The intelligent presser integrates automatic feeding, automatic weighing, high and low speed mixing, and pumping slurry for mixing cement slurry and other slurry.
2.The intelligent press is designed to be mobile. The high-speed mixing part of the equipment can stir up to 450 kg of slurry per time and can stir 2500-6000 kg per hour. There is also a low-speed mixing drum.
3.The intelligent pulper platform with one-year warranty service has a novel structure, high production and sales rate nd high mixing quality. The unique one-button cleaning function can reduce the cleaning work after the workers finish the grouting.
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Product Details

Product description:

The intelligent grinder combines automatic feeding, high-speed mixing, low-speed storage anti-coagulation and pumping grouting. It can be used to mix cement, mortar and quick cement mortar. It is suitable for road, railway and bridge construction. The ideal equipment for on-site construction.

The intelligent presser is capable of mixing 250 kg of slurry at one time, and is equipped with a low-speed agitated storage tank to store 400 kg of grouting liquid to ensure continuous supply of channel grout.

The intelligent pressure roller has reasonable structural design, high mixing efficiency, tight sealing and non-sprinking, and easy to clean the grout. The unique independent weighing material box can ensure the measurement error is +/-0.1kg, and the unique one-button cleaning function can Reduce the cleaning work after the workers have finished grouting.


Product parameters and specifications

Pulp conversion1400r/min
Slurry fluidity         10-178m³/h
water glue0.25-0.28L/min
Grouting pressure≤1.0Mpa
Measurement accuracy0.1%
Pulping ability4m³/h
Grouting flow1.2m³/h
Motor Power12kw



Product advantages


  1. Automatic operation control box

    After the login is completed, the system automatically enters the homepage interface. At this time, you can click Start, and the system can work. If you want to stop working, press the stop button directly, and the system will stop immediately. When the system completes high-speed agitation, the slurry valve needs to be manually opened, and the system performs low-speed agitation. After the slurry is completed, the slurry valve is closed and the remaining work is completed.

  2. Automatic feeding structure

    The structure consists of two screw conveyors and two hoppers. If the cement and the admixture are separated, the materials can be separately transported. If it is a mixed pressure slurry, the two hoppers can be simultaneously loaded to increase the feeding speed. It is done independently by the calculator.

  3. High speed mixer

    The structure consists of a mixing drum, a stirring shaft, a stirring blade, a belt and a drag motor. The electric rotation drives the rotating shaft through the transmission belt, and then drives the stirring blade to rotate at a high speed in the barrel to fully stir the mixture in the barrel.

  4. Drag the frame

    The frame is welded by channel steel. There are 4 tires on the bottom. Two are in the steering direction. The front part is equipped with a triangular traction frame. The four corners of the frame are equipped with screw feet, which makes the trolley stable during the work. And the level of the trolley can be adjusted to ensure the accuracy of the weighing measurement.

    Application range

    Intelligent pulping machine is a special equipment for railway and highway construction. It is applied to prestressed construction in railway and highway bridge construction projects and production in some chemical enterprises. The intelligent pressure grinder has the characteristics of convenient movement, high degree of automation, accurate measurement and simple operation.


After-sale Service:

1.The company provides you with 6X24 hours consulting and technical support.

2.All calls are returned in seconds and 30 minutes gives you a reasonable solution.

3.If you need to go to the site, the technicians will go back and do their best to get technical assistance.

4.With the purchase of intelligent presses, Zhongtuo Mine Equipment provides you with a one-year warranty to protect your use.

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