China Colloidal Grout Mixer Manufacturers|used For For Bridge Numerical Control Precise Feeding Stirring And Grouting

China Colloidal Grout Mixer Manufacturers|used For For Bridge Numerical Control Precise Feeding Stirring And Grouting

1 automatic intelligent digital grouting system
2 precise control of feed automatic feeding, stirring at a high speed automatic data recording system
3 durable, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
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Product Details

China colloidal grout mixer manufacturers|used for for bridge numerical control precise feeding stirring and grouting

Product description of Compact Grout Plants Station:
colloidal grout mixer (including automatic high-speed stirring (grouting) trolley, vacuum pump with prestressed continuous screw grouting machine) for grouting prestressed engineering equipment of railway bridge, the railway with TB/T 3192-2008< post tensioned prestressed concrete girder pipe grouting technology conditions>.

Application of grout mixer machine:

Compact Grout Plants Station is a kind of equipment such as automatic mixing, high-speed stirring, low-speed storage solidification and pumping grouting, etc. It can be used for mixing cement, mortar and quick cement mortar for road, railway and bridge Construction, is the ideal site construction equipment.

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Featurers of colloidal grout mixer:

1, fully automatic operation, the use of materials and water only set the individual weight, the trolley can automatically weigh, control the weight of the Sheung Shui and mixing time. After the high-speed mixing is completed, open the discharge valve, the slurry into the low-speed mixing tank, and then close the high-speed mixing tank discharge valve, the next high-speed mixing barrel feeding material.

2, high-speed mixing, the trolley high-speed mixing tank rated speed of 1000 r / min, high-speed mixing material and water can be fully compatible. The working procedure is: first automatic Sheung Shui, and then high-speed mixing bucket automatically run and then add grouting agent, cement, continue to stir for 3 minutes, you can be discharged into the barrel with the mixing function.

3, low-speed storage mixing tank anti-precipitation design, the cart with a large capacity storage barrels, can accommodate high-speed mixing barrel has been completed mixing slurry to meet the large flow of grouting equipment for the uninterrupted supply. And with low-speed mixing function, which can effectively prevent the precipitation of mortar.automatic weighing intelligent grouting trolley.

Grouting stationin use:

Note 1.: 

1. in the process of Compact Grout Plants Station in automatic batching process, not according to the "water", "additive" and "cement" three keys, otherwise will be automatically converted into manual ingredients, also means that the automatic batching failure. After the completion of 

2. ingredients, even slurry valve for manual mechanical valve, also according to the "pulp" key to put the pulp. 

3. put the paste, low slurry barrel, not artificially closed low-speed stirring motor. grout mixer machine