China Compression Fitting Machine Manufacturers|Used For P Anchor Extrusion Connection Of Bridge Anchor End

China Compression Fitting Machine Manufacturers|Used For P Anchor Extrusion Connection Of Bridge Anchor End

1 prestressed extrusion method is simple and reliable, the machine is easy to use, high efficiency, every hour can squeeze 20-30 extruding anchor.
2 handling lightweight, durable, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
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China Compression Fitting Machine manufacturers|Used for P anchor extrusion connection of bridge anchor end

Description of Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning:

The post tension anchor (M15, M13 BM15, BM13 flat anchor, anchor, anchor ring HM), fixed end anchorage (H, P), the connector and the corrugated tube.Prestressed anchors can be use for a wide range , the design of the wedge and the anchor hole must to match, make in the tension together to work, force evenly.

Pre-stressing tendon can be selected from 1 to 55 tendons per design requirements. The tensile force can be controlled within 0 - 11000 KN.

Our company can design and produce anchorages of any specifications in accordance with demands of customers.

Wide applications it is adaptable for strands with diameters from Φ9.5mm to Φ21.6mm ,with standard strength of 2000Mpa or lower.With Compacted structure ,easy operation , safety and laborsaving , high anchoring efficiency and reliable anchorage.

which is widely used for different projects ,such as road and railway bridge, large scale industrial factory, high rise building,Hydroelectric dam , geotechnical engineering, etc.

Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning.jpg  Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning1.jpg

Application of Compression Fitting Machine:
The Anchor end extruder is used for extrusion and connection of steel strand extrusion sleeve. It is a kind of specialized equipment used for cold extruding steel strand wrapping anchor work. The Swage Anchor Extruder is used for single end anchorage of stranded steel strands of 12- Phi 15.7

Extrusion process;
1 connect the extruder and oil pump and connect the power supply
2 apply the wetted grease on the extrusion die
3 press the spring into the steel strand and go through the extruding die of the press
4 press the sleeve on the top of the steel wire extrusion spring

Anchor extruder for post tensioning-12f