China Hydraulic Strand Jack System Manufacturers|used For Bridge Engineering

China Hydraulic Strand Jack System Manufacturers|used For Bridge Engineering

1 to enhance the equipment small size, light weight, load capacity, easy installation and flexible, especially suitable for small space or indoor large tonnage components to enhance;
2strand jack lifting system with reverse movement self-locking, so that the lifting process is very safe, and the components in the lifting process can be anywhere in the long-term reliable lock;
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China hydraulic strand jack system manufacturers|used for Bridge Engineering

Description of hydraulic strand jack system:

hydraulic strand jack system  is a new type of large-scale lifting equipment, mainly by the ZTS series to enhance the jack, hydraulic pump station, control system components.

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Parameters of  hydraulic strand jack system:

Hydraulic strand jack system008

Operating instructins:

Strand Jack operation:

Step 1.The bottom collets are closed and hold the load while the main ram is retracted. The hydraulic oil is supplied to retract the ram while the tope collects are open and do not grip the strand. The load is stationary during this part of the cycle.

Step 2. The top collects are engaged and the hydraulic oil is supplied to the other side of the piston causing the load to advance. While the load is being raised the bottom collets are open and do not grip the strand.

Step 3. Repeat step 1.

Step 4. Repeat step 2.

When raising or lowering a load, a built-in displacement transducer measures the movement of each strand jack. The central control system keeps track of all strand jack displacements and corrects for an errors that may accumulate. While the operation demonstrated in realates to raising a load, the lowering operations is very similar except that the phasing of the collet operation is reversed.