China Post Tensioning Hydraulic Jack Manufacturers

China Post Tensioning Hydraulic Jack Manufacturers

It has small volume, light weight, good sealing performance, high strength, high reliability and versatility. It is widely used in post tensioning construction.
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China Post Tensioning Hydraulic Jack Manufacturers

Description of Hydraulic Stressing Jack:

YCW series light jack is a type of common prestressed with jacks, tensioning operation in all kinds of steel strand anchorage. It is widely used in large buildings, structures, prestressed concrete bridges, rock anchorage, hydraulic structure, foundation anchorage and other major projects. The main components of the jack are made of high strength steel, with compact structure, light weight and small volume. The axial length is short, the tension length of the strand is short, and the steel strand material can be saved. And the hoisting is flexible, durable, easy to operate and easy to repair.

Precautions of post tensioning hydraulic jack:

In addition to the provisions of the general prestressing technology, the following items should be paid attention to in the use of the jacks.

  1. In order to ensure the accuracy of tension, the jack should be matched with the oil pump, the pressure gauge and the external high pressure hose, and the "oil pressure value - output force" should be calibrated. In the calibration, the active working state of the jack is taken as the criterion, the record is graded, the average value of the three measurements is taken, and the chart is made as the basis for the tensioning.

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2, in the following cases, the jacks should be re calibrated.

(1) post tensioning jacks was dismantled and repaired;

(2) the pressure gauge is in a collision or failure phenomenon.

(3) when the new pressure meter is replaced;

(4) the jack is used for a long time and reused.

3, Prestressed Post Tension Jack shall adopt No. 46 high quality hydraulic oil, and the oil does not contain water, acid and other mixtures. The oil should be kept clean, often filtered and replaced regularly.

4. When the tubing is installed, the interface part should be cleaned and cleaned. Strictly prevent sand and dust into the jack, and reduce the number of disassembly and disassembly as much as possible. When the new oil pipe is used, do not connect directly with the jack oil Tsui. It should be cleaned in advance or washed in the oil liquid output from the oil pump and can be used. After unloading the oil pipe, the jack and the oil pump stress proof cap, in order to prevent the contamination from mixing.

5, the jacks should be operated for more than three times before the jacks are used in order to discharge the air in the oil cylinder.

6, Multi Strand Jacks should be regularly maintained and cleaned according to the actual use condition. If we find fault, oil leakage and scratches on the piston surface, we should stop using and repair.

7, Jack in the work process, the operator should stand on both sides, face direction prohibited to stand, so as to avoid accidents.

8, the working surface of the jacks should be cleaned regularly and kept clean. After the work is finished, the piston should be returned to the end. The dust should be put in the room when it is idle.