China Post-tensioning Strands Pusher Machine Manufacturers|used For Bridge Construction

China Post-tensioning Strands Pusher Machine Manufacturers|used For Bridge Construction

1 the machine with automatic threading and automatic brake device, belonging to the technical specialty.
2 post tension strand pushe can retreat, small volume, light weight, simple operation, convenient maintenance.
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China Post-tensioning Strands Pusher Machine manufacturers|used for bridge construction

Description of strand pusher machine:

1. LS strand pusher machine can push oc strand continuously .

2. It has the features of easy operation, reliable performance, efficiency significantly.

3. The machine reduces the labour, and widely used for large-scale bridges,  and constitutive objects.

4. High performance with good quality

5. It is the main tool of through strand in building bridges and large building with Prestressing work.

The use and characteristics of strand pusher machine:

Strand pusher(referred to as the penetration hole of prestressed steel strand cable wear, mechanical properties) is a dynamic, wear steel wire with high efficiency, beautiful appearance and light weight, the construction operation is very convenient, is mainly used for construction equipment in prestressed steel strand, the transmission distance can wear 180 meters, the working efficiency is 10 - 15 times artificial.

strand pusher machine-1c.jpg     Anchor Cable Pushing Machine-0c.jpg

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Features of strand pusher machine:

1. Speed can be adjustable as per work condition needs.

2. The strand can be move towards or back under remote control.

3. Saving labour: it is automatic, do not need much labour .

4. Strong pushing and backing ability.

5. Simple operation with easy maintenance.

6. Good quality with best price.


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