China Prestressed Post Tension Jack Manufacturers|used For Bridge Construction

China Prestressed Post Tension Jack Manufacturers|used For Bridge Construction

1 main parts of the jack is made of high strength steel, has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size and characteristics.
2 short axial length, steel wire tension for short length, can save steel material.
3 lifting and flexible, durable, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
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Product Details

China Prestressed Post Tension Jack manufacturers|used for bridge construction

Product description of post tensioning hydraulic jack:
Jacks for professional tensioning steel hinge lines of prestressed reinforcement for Hydraulic Stressing Jack, tensioning operation in all kinds of steel strand anchorage. It generally need to be matched with the tension of high pressure oil pump, tension and power back to the top by the tension of oil pump.

All hydraulic fluid conduits are interior designed. Allows for more efficient and safer operation during tensioning, retraction, power lock circuits.

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Features of post tensioning jacks:

YDC feed-through jacks are the new designed products in our company, are the upgrades of the primary jacks.
1. Using the new seals, to synchronous strengthen the seal-ability under great pressure.
2. Using special alloy steel with heat treatment process, reducing the cylinder's expansion ratio in the tensioning process. So that the life of seals and sealing performance can be improved about 20%.
3. In the tensioning the operating process, multi Strand Jacks is easily damaged under overpressure because of the jack-based pullback clinder, so we added the overpressure valve on the jacks to pressure production. Meanwhile we improved the original of commonly used structure by wire disc and flanged disc, to make the bearing capacity for oil pressure strengthen. So that enormously reduce the possibility of mechanical damage due to improper operation. 
In the word, the YDC series feed-through jacks' performance is improved, and widely used in pre-stressing and poststressing construction.

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Use note of Hydraulic Stressing Jack: 

Should first understand the engineering design of prestressed beam tension, such as root number, each beam of steel strand standard strength, the cross-sectional area of the numerical control stress of delta K, the value of stretching, anchorage retraction value, then according to the pressure of output power calibration of hydraulic. 

Set the K value of 2. 8, post tensioning hydraulic jack.
(1) the reserved corridor into the structure of the steel wire, in tension requirements of steel beam exposed length than the work length of jack up 200 - 250mm. steel wire must not loose head with a sheet grinder after cutting, is not a "feather", in order to avoid perforation difficult.
(2) cover the end of the steel wire of the work anchor plate, push it to the anchor plate and fix it at the end of the anchor
(3) installation: installation of anchor clamp clip before the steel ring pay per clip hoop together, and then along the strand will be pushed into the anchor hole, pushed by hand to move.