China Strand Jack Lifting System Manufacturers

China Strand Jack Lifting System Manufacturers

When the cost of cheap maintenance is lower, the synchronization is high, the lifting continuity is good, the probability of lifting the misoperation is low, and the process of lifting is stable and safe.
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China strand jack lifting system Manufacturers

Brief introduction of ZT hydraulic lifting jack synchronizing overall lifting construction technology

ZT series strand jack animation is a new type of large component lifting equipment, which is mainly composed of ZT lifting jack, hydraulic pump station and control system.

1. Work principle and technical index of strand jack enerpac:

Working principle: to cluster Jack as actuator, hydraulic pump for power equipment, with steel wire hanging weight, Jack, gripper use (automatic tool anchor) alternate relative motion along the strand movement and the jack piston and the oil cylinder, increase the weight (continuous translation) or a moderate decline. This principle is the organic integration of prestressed anchorage technology and hydraulic jack technology, through anchorage steel strand, then use computer centralized control of hydraulic pump output flow and pressure (drive proportional valve, reversing valve, etc.) to drive the lifting jack piston extension and contraction (displacement sensor device), and drives the steel strand the component of ascending and descending, continuous translation, the overall realization of large components to enhance the synchronization (translation) and the amount of decline, the construction site system has strong adaptability and reliability.

The control system is mainly composed of 3 parts, the hydraulic control system, the computer control system and the information feedback system. The feedback signal (lifting height) is compared with the input instruction, and the computer controls the work of the hydraulic system according to the deviation signal, so that the lifting object can be promoted according to the input instruction.

Specifications of strand jack lifting system :

single lifting jack technical indicators are as follows, according to the hydraulic lifting equipment of hydraulic pump composed of different configuration, can realize the lifting speed of 0 ~ 25 meters / hour, control system adopts PLC (programmable logic controller for digital operation Electronic System), raising and lowering the synchronization accuracy + 10mm. The above is the conventional configuration, which can be designed, modified and manufactured according to the requirements of the user.

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Functions of hydraulic strand jack system :

hoisting large components and lifting construction components by reverse method.

Characteristic of strand jacks lifting´╝Ü

(1) upgrading equipment is small in volume, light in weight, large in load capacity, convenient and flexible in installation, continuous lifting system, hydraulic synchronous intelligent climbing pole synchronous lifting system, especially suitable for small space or indoor large tonnage member lifting.

(2) by raising the equipment expansion combination, the lifting weight, span and area are not restricted.

(3) in the use of low relaxation steel strands, the lifting height is unrestricted as long as there is a reasonable load bearing point.

(4) lifting jack anchorage has self locking property of reverse motion, so that the lifting process is very safe, and the components can be reliably locked at any position in the lifting process.

(5), the equipment automation is high, the operation is convenient and flexible, with automatic operation, semi-automatic operation, single point adjustment, manual operation and so on. It shows the LCD display, the touch screen display, the button operation panel display and so on, very intuitionistic. And the control system has a self correcting protection program, even if the misoperation will not cause safety accidents.

(6) construction with this equipment, short period, low cost and good economic benefit

Scope of application: hoisting of large building components, hangar roof truss, bridge, power station equipment and offshore oil platform. It can also be used for hoisting heavy and heavy parts in other industries.