Colloidal Grout Mixer|Multi Function Grouting Trolley for Bridge Numerical Control Precise Feeding Stirring and Grouting

1 automatic intelligent digital grouting system
2 precise control of feed automatic feeding, stirring at a high speed automatic data recording system
3 durable, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
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Product Details

Colloidal Grout Mixer|Multi Function Grouting Trolley For Bridge Numerical Control Precise Feeding Stirring And Grouting

Product description:
colloidal grout mixer including automatic high-speed stirring (grouting) trolley, vacuum pump with prestressed continuous screw grouting machine) for grouting prestressed engineering equipment of railway bridge, the railway with TB/T 3192-2008< post tensioned prestressed concrete girder pipe grouting technology conditions 
Compact Grout Plants Station Applied in the railway, highway and bridge construction project in the construction of prestressed and chemical enterprise production.

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Product parameters:

colloidal   grout mixer

High speed mixing section


speed of agitator

Better than 1%

measuring accuracy

0.42m  cube

Charge capacity


Single mixing amount


Mixed Motor


Low speed stirring

speed of agitator


Reservoir volume

0.66  cube

Material storage motor


Water pump motor model


mudjack pump


Walking wheel specifications


Maximum drag speed


Grouting stationin use:
1. before note check whether the parts are loose.

2. check all the pipe connection is intact.

3. confirmed feeding motor and the motor rotation direction is correct.

4. grouting confirmed two hopper were additive and cement.

5. confirmation of the motor does not stall.

6. confirmed the high speed mixing barrel to discharge the valve is in the closed state of low speed mixing barrel.
Note 2. the process of Compact Grout Plants Stationin automatic batching process, not according to the "water", "additive" and "cement" three keys, otherwise will be automatically converted into manual ingredients, also means that the automatic batching failure. After the completion of

 2. ingredients, even slurry valve for manual mechanical valve, also according to the "pulp" key to put the pulp.

 3. put the paste, low slurry barrel, not artificially closed low-speed stirring motor. grout mixer machine

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