Colloidal Cement Grout Mixer Pump Unit

1.Automatic weighing
2.High-speed mixing
3.Automatic Pumping slurry
4.Easy to move, high degree of automation, accurate measurement, simple operation

Product Details

The traditional prestressed grouting is time-consuming and laborious, but now the intelligent Colloidal Cement Grout Mixer Pump Unit is used in the prestressed grouting technology, which makes the bridge prestressed grouting simple and easy.

The Colloidal Cement Grout Mixer Pump Unit integrates automatic feeding, water supply, automatic weighing, automatic high-speed mixing, low-speed mixing, and grouting into one, which truly meets the requirements of a grouting machine with multiple functions and integrated construction. The microcomputer control system guarantees the working accuracy, so that the measurement accuracy is controlled within 0.1%.  The Advantages of Colloidal Cement Grout Mixer Pump Unit:

   1. Automatic operation: only need to set the single weight of powder and water when using, the trolley can automatically weigh and control the weight and mixing time of water.

  2. High-speed mixing: The mixing speed of the high-speed mixing drum of this machine can reach 1400r/min, which can stir quickly and can make the water and powder fully mixed.

Colloidal Cement Grout Mixer Pump Unit

  3. Anti-sedimentation design of low-speed storage mixing tank: This Colloidal Cement Grout Mixer Pump Unit is equipped with a large-capacity storage tank, which can hold the finished slurry in the high-speed mixing tank, and has a low-speed mixing function to prevent the precipitation of mortar. It is used to meet the uninterrupted feeding of large flow grouting equipment.

  4. Drag frame system: This trolley is assembled on a mobile frame, which can be easily towed and moved by other motor vehicles.

  5. Optional continuous screw grouting system: When used for railway pre-stress construction, users can additionally select continuous screw grouting equipment to make it a complete high-speed mixing and grouting system.

Colloidal Cement Grout Mixer Pump Unit

Specification of Colloidal Cement Grout Mixer Pump Unit

Pulping transition


Slurry flow rate


Water glue ratio


Grouting pressure


Measurement accuracy


Pulping capacity


Grouting flow

1.2 m3/h

Motor Power





380V/50Hz (can be customized)

First of all, you must see clearly the options on the main screen of the Colloidal Cement Grout Mixer Pump Unit, which are metering monitoring, parameter setting and alarm recording. When setting parameters, you must see clearly the added raw materials and the corresponding metering, no matter which type it is. The raw materials must be added in strict accordance with the requirements. After clicking on the name of the raw material, the proportionally configured weight will appear, and the addition must be carried out in order. In this way, there will be no partial solidification and other phenomena, which will be convenient for everyone to use. It is an automatically added program, the basic parameters are all set mechanically, no additional settings are required.

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