Grout Mixer Machine|Automatic High-speed Mixing

1 automatic intelligent digital grouting system
2 precise control of feed automatic feeding, stirring at a high speed automatic data recording system
3 durable, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
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Grout Mixer Machine|Automatic high-speed mixing

The machine meets the requirements of the new bridge regulation and railway TB / T 3192-2008 "Technical requirements for grouting of post-tensioned prestressed concrete beams"

The main technical parameters of Grout Mixer Machine are as follows:

1, intelligent grouting equipment, automatic mixing equipment, mixing parts, intelligent grouting equipment, automatic grouting equipment, automatic grouting equipment, : Automatic feeding, automatic measurement, automatic packing, LCD display, stirring speed of 1020 r / min, pulp line speed of 15 m / s, weighing accuracy of ± 0.4% or less, much better than the required ± 1 %. Can record each time the stirring data, and can always recall the historical stirring data. The counting unit can be accurate to 2 decimal places. The working procedure can be booked by the user. The factory setup procedure defaults to: 90% (or 80%) of the automatic water first, then the high-speed mixing bucket is automatically operated and the grouting agent is added in turn, then the stirring is continued for 2 minutes. Add the remaining 10% (or 20%) of water, and then stir for 2 minutes to be discharged into the barrel with the mixing function. The device in addition to the above automatic function, the other with a manual function, you can manually complete the above all the work procedures or individual work procedures. The maximum amount of mixing 700kg, enough to supply the use of various types of grouting machine.

2, intelligent grouting equipment vacuum pump part: the maximum vacuum up to -0.097 to -0.1, better than the provisions of -0.092;

3, intelligent grouting equipment grouting part: continuous working mode, the pressure without fluctuations, the pump To send pulp without bubbles, the theoretical workload of 4.5 cubic meters / hour, and with automatic control and manual manual (pressure tank) two kinds of pressure, the pressure range can be adjusted freely, and the pressure gauge indicates stability, the pointer does not beat The The total scale of the pressure gauge is 1.6Mpa and the minimum scale value is less than 0.1 Mpa. The actual pressure at the time of grouting is between 25% and 75% of the pressure gauge and the measurement is more accurate.

Product parameters of Grout Mixer Machine:

colloidal grout mixer

High speed mixing section


speed of agitator

Better than 1%

measuring accuracy

0.42m  cube

Charge capacity


Single mixing amount


Mixed Motor


Low speed stirring

speed of agitator


Reservoir volume

0.66  cube

Material storage motor


Water pump motor model


mudjack pump


Walking wheel specifications


Maximum drag speed