Hydraulic Mono Strand Stressing Jack

Durable, field-proven designs, with “soft-grip” ergonomic handles reduce operator fatigue
Single-acting PTJ models, with spring-seating and optional power-seating are equipped with the new Enerpac RC Post-tensioning cylinders with a 254 mm stroke, ideal for slab-on-grade applications
Double-acting DA models have an 216 mm stroke and are machined from a steel billet; feature standard powerseating and “gun-drilled” internal hydraulic passages
All jacks have a standard 3″ nose assembly. Longer nose assemblies are available as accessories for all models
A full line of grippers is available to tension common strand diameters
Complete offering of Enerpac parts and soft kits allow quick and easy service
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Product Details

Introduction of Hydraulic Mono Strand stressing Jack:

Hydraulic mono strand pulling Jack is a multi-purpose pre-stressed tensioning device, easy to operate. Mainly used for single hole tensioning. But also for porous preload, tension and troubleshooting, and can be applied to a variety of sizes of high-strength steel wire and strand.

Appliceation of Hydraulic Mono Strand stressing Jack:

It is applied in large-scale buildings, structures, prestressed concrete bridge, rock anchor, hydraulic structure, foundation anchorage and other major projects.

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TYPE OF PRESTRESSING SYSTEMS Prestressing System can be classified by two basic methods, as under:- a. Pre-Tensioning b. Post-Tensioning.

Pre-Tensioning - is a method where Prestressing Steels are pre-stressed, prior to concreting, against two rigid abutments. This method is most widely used for mass production of short span structures, where pre-stressing is also a prerequisite, such as; Railway Sleepers, Electric Polls, Fencing Polls, Pre-Tensioned Slabs and I-Section Bridge Girders etc. In this system, a number of identical structural frames are placed in between the two rigid abutments or reaction bolster. Prestressing Steel is then placed longitudinally across these frames and abutments, in the required orientation, and stressed. After achieving required elongation and stresses they are blocked at two abutments and then concrete is poured in the frames with stressed steels in position. 

Post-Tensioning - is a method where Prestressing Steels are stressed after concrete attains its preliminary strength. Two extreme ends of the structure are considered as a reaction face, against which force is applied. Ducts are placed inside the formwork alongwith reinforcement and the concreting is completed. After achieving required concrete strength, a stipulated numbers of Prestressing Steel is then inserted in each duct for stressing purpose. After achieving required elongation and stresses they are blocked at two ends with the help of Anchor Plates and grip. The broad classifications are given as under SECTION - A PRESTRESSING SYST

Product parameters of Hydraulic Mono Strand stressing Jack:




Nominal tension



Nominal oil pressure



Tension piston area



Return piston area



Piercing hole diameter



Trolley trip






Return oil pressure


Less than or equal to 25