Intelligent Automatic Tension Epuipmemt

Feature of automatic stressing jack:
1. The intelligent stressing equipment can stress two or four jacks at the same time.
2. It can control the stressing force precisely which can collect the data of tension and add tension automatically.
3. The equipment can be operated conveniently with remote control system.
4. It can do intelligent data analysis and automatic report generation.

Product Details

Working Principle:

1. Control module (1 control 2)
2. On-site monitoring computer (Lenovo Zhaoyang E46A370 notebook computer)
3. Data transmission module (main pump and auxiliary pump 200M range, the main pump and on-site monitoring computer 2KM or less)
4.7 inch touch screen (main pump) text display (vice pump)
5. Displacement sensor (precision 0.1mm) Pressure sensor (accuracy 0.1MPa0
6.High-pressure hydraulic control valve (63MPa)
7. The main pump storage U disk (4G)


Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Presssure Station



Motor Power


Max Oil Pressure




Over Size(L*W*H)


 post tensing intelligent tensing equipment       intelligent tensioning equpment-01


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