Intelligent Prestressed Tension Bridge Prestressing Equipment For Bridge

Hydraulic tension jack: large tonnage 65-600 tons jack; bridge steel strand jack.
1 2 or 4 jack synchronous tension construction
2 computer to accurately monitor the tension data.
3 Increases labor costs by 80% for tension construction.
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Product Details

intelligent tensioning equipment is designed to meet the needs of a variety of roads, bridges and other projects in the construction of prestressed beam tension and design, the system consists of four jacks, two electric hydraulic stations, four high-precision pressure sensors, 4 high-precision displacement sensor, inverter, PLC controller, host, wireless data transmission system and other components, which can simultaneously control the four jack synchronous work, constitute a balanced tension. It is realized by the computer preset tension process, one key operation to realize the automatic control of the tensioning process, the elongation value display, the real-time curve acquisition and check alarm of the tension data, the result of the recording record, the wireless data transmission and the network transmission, Post Tension Intelligent Tensioning

post tensioning jacks (2)

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