Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack

hydraulic cylinder is built up from several parts.
A. Saddle
B. Plunger
C. Stop ring
D.Protective hood
E. Lining strap
F. Cylinder housing
G. Carrying handle
H. Seal
I. Lining strap
J. Return spring
K. Coupler
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Product Details

Introduction of hydraulic cylinder Jack:

Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack In the bridge erection project, an electric pumping station can be 4 to 32 (or more) synchronous jack jack to provide power, synchronous jacking to achieve the bridge support pad to install or replace.

Application of hydraulic cylinder Jack:

Bridge construction is very complex, the reliability of the equipment directly affects the success or failure of the project. Hydraulic system for the bridge structure of the support, Hydraulic Cylinder Jack  lifting and other applications to provide a reliable guarantee. In the bridge erection works.

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Product parameters of hydraulic cylinder Jack:

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3-step plan for composing a hydraulic cylinder system

Step 1

Select one or more cylinders.


  • What is the weight of the load to be lifted?

  • What is the total recommended cylinder capacity?

  • With how many cylinders must/can the load be lifted?

  • What capacity for each cylinder is required then?

  • What is the required stroke length of the cylinder?

  • What is the required closed height (overall dimensions) of the cylinder?

  • How must the plunger return; gravity, spring or hydraulic?

  • Is lifting in one or more steps possible?

Step 2

Select the proper pump.


  • Select from hand, foot, pneumatically, electrically, petrol or diesel driven pumps.

  • Hand / foot pumps: with a double-acting cylinder (hydraulic return), mount a double-acting valve on your hand pump (only possible with PA *8 models).

  • Vari pumps: dependent on whether you use a single- or double-acting cylinder, mount a single-acting or doubleacting valve on the Vari pump.

  • What minimum tank volume of the pump is required?

  • Select a pump output corresponding with the required operating speed.

Step 3

Select the accessories you need.


  • Choose the correct number of hoses that you need and the required length. Take the required (safe) distance between cylinders and operation (pump and/or valve block) into account.

  • When the system contains several cylinders controlled by one pump, we recommend you to install a FlowPanel between the cylinders and the pump for accurate control of the oil flow to the cylinders.

  • Select any necessary couplers, pressure gauges, valves and/or assembly material.

Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack enables you configure your high-pressure hydraulic system quickly and easily. Cylinders, pumps, valve blocks and/or hoses. The configurator gives you a step-by-step guide for the selection of the components that are required for your hydraulic system.