Mono Stand Jack For Single Strand Pulling

Feature of Mono strand jack: 1.The piston anti-skid device is designed to avoid the rotation of the piston during operation; 2.Automatic clamping of steel strands and anchoring to improve efficiency; 3.Equipped with a tensioner and an anchor, both tensioning and anchoring. 4.Easy to carry.
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Mono Jack (also known as Single Strand Jack) is designed to stress a single PC strand (bare or epoxy coated) and PC Wire. It is wide used for post tensioning.

SUNWIN Mono Jack has an automatic grip-and-release build-in system that allows faster stressing.

The hardened steel hollow double-acting Mono Jack is part of the range of hydraulic jacks.

Our Mono Jack is fast acting and accessories like Gripper Wedge is easily replaceable to be used on different size of strand (9.53mm to 15.70mm

hydraulic mono strand jack 001Mono strand pulling jack02


hydraulic mono strand jack



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