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• Long strokes for stressing strand in one pull
• Pulling of sliders/segments, machine parts & heavy fabrication
• Safety Pressure Relief valve in return line
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Introdution of Monos trand jack

mono strand jack is mainly used for single hole tensioning. It can also be used for pre-stressing, tensioning, and troubleshooting, and can be applied to a variety of sizes of high-strength wire bundles and steel strands

The mono strand jack is a multi-purpose prestressing tensioning device, which is easy to operate. Mainly used for single hole tensioning. It can also be used for pre-stressing, tensioning and troubleshooting, and can be applied to high-strength wire bundles and steel strands of various sizes.

The mono strand jack is one of the indispensable and important tools for tension anchoring construction of prestressed works. Any kind of jack is not a panacea. Jack structure, structure size and tension tonnage limit its scope of use. QYDC270-200 front card through-type hydraulic jack is suitable for single-hole tensioning, group root anchor tensioning, troubleshooting, back-anchor, and tension-pulling. As for the strength of prestressed tendons, Φ15.24 steel strands and Φ12.7 strands below grade 2000 can be tensioned. If the parts are replaced/disconnected, the ribs can be tensioned (customer orders). Rebar, etc.

The jack is small, light and efficient. The important thing is that because of the short length (about 260mm) of the kcal steel strand. Especially suitable for high altitude or small space locations.

mono strand jack

Mono Strand Jack.jpg

mono strand jack

Parameters of mono strand Jack:




Nominal tension



Nominal oil pressure



Tension piston area



Return piston area



Piercing hole diameter



Trolley trip






Return oil pressure


Less than or equal to 25

mono strand jackmono strand jack

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