Multi-Holes Anchorage|Post - Tensioned Prestressed Anchors for Concrete Bridge Construction

1 short axial length, steel wire tension for short length, can save steel material.
2 high efficiency of anchorage, anchorage performance is stable and reliable.
All take the customer as the center to enhance customer value, improve customer satisfaction as the starting point.
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Product Details

Multi-Holes Anchorage|Post - tensioned prestressed anchors for concrete bridge construction

Product description:

The post tension anchor (M15, M13 BM15, BM13 flat anchor, anchor, anchor ring HM), fixed end anchorage (H, P), the connector and the corrugated tube.


 Highway bridge, railway bridge, City Interchange, city rail, high-rise building, water conservancy and hydropower dam, port anchorage
Rock slope anchorage pier, foundation reinforcement, the tunnel roof top Multi-Holes Anchorage, prestressed grid, subway, large buildings, warehouse building, tower building, weight lifting, intermittent push push synovial, tunnel, and large container ships, sleeper, bridge support replacement, bridges and buildings reinforcement, reinforcement engineering, and corrosion engineering (antimagnetic fiber), carbon fiber reinforcement, anchor pretensioned beam construction, prestressed cable engineering, in vitro, suspension.

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Product parameters:

 According to the diameter of steel stranded wire can be divided into YM12.7, YM13, YM18 type anchorage, the anchoring system is mainly applicable to the strength of 1860MPA-2000Mpa and below the level of 12.7mm, 12.9mm, 15.24mm, 15.7mm, and 17.8mm as the standard strength of steel strand of 5mm-7mm high strength steel beam 1670Mpa. Wide range of options, YM is suitable for design of tension anchor system between 0-12000KN, the number of steel strand range is 55;
post tension anchor/Including the M series steel wire tension and anchor system: M13 (anchorage for 12.7-12.9mm steel strand and anchorage (M15) used in 15.2-15.7mm steel wire) with YCW series Jack and ZB4-500 type electric pump for tension; for flat structure BM13 and BM15 flat anchorage for cyclic stress; the structure of the HM13 and HM15 ring anchor.

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Precautions in use of anchorages:

 The tool clamping piece is three pieces, and the work clip is two pieces, and the two can not be mixed. The work anchor can not be used as a tool anchor and can not be reused;
(1) the Multi-Holes Anchorage shall be properly kept, when using not rust, water contamination and other debris. Work clip removed the box of foam can be used, but when the prestressed beam is long, must be repeated tension anchor, anchor plate in the taper hole with a small amount of lubricant (such as anchors spirit), both many times to anchoring work clip up and back anchor helps anchor; tool clamping piece outer surface and the anchor plate surface using taper hole coated with lubricant, and often remove clip surface debris, can make the back tension anchor flexible, but when the clamp crack or tooth surface damage when you need to replace, not again use;
(2) the tension should be safety measures, Jack can not stand;
(3) the anchorage system should be matched, do not mix with other system. To do static load test, please use organic solvents (such as gasoline) cleaning clip and anchor hole anti rust oil wipe clean, otherwise it will affect the anchorage performance;
(4) prestressed construction should be carried out by professional construction team, and construction personnel should be professionally trained to hold the post Multi-Holes Anchorage

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