Multi Strand Jack Lifting System

Descriptions of strand jack lifting system: 1. to enhance the equipment small size, light weight, load capacity, easy installation and flexible, especially suitable for small space or indoor large tonnage components to enhance; • 2strand jack lifting system with reverse movement self-locking, so that the lifting process is very safe, and the components in the lifting process can be anywhere in the long-term reliable lock; 3 equipment, high degree of automation, easy operation and flexible, with automatic operation, semi-automatic operation, single point adjustment, manual operation and other modes of operation.
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Description of strand jack lifting system:

strand jack lifting system are specially configured hydraulic jacks, which can give continuous pulling or lifting movement. A combination of a number of strand jacks can lift very heavy loads of thousands of tons, whereas the jack itself weighs very less and occupies only a very small footprint.

strand jack lifting system are small devices that can do a large work using hydraulic pressure. Strand jacks use a combination of gripping and lifting to produce a continuous linear movement that can lift very heavy loads to great heights. These are especially very useful in lifting heavy loads in restricted areas. They are also simple to install and operate.

Hydraulic Strand Jack SystemStrand Jacking Is Pre-fabricated Building Sections Are Carefully Lifted And Precisely Placed001.jpg      strand jack lifting system.jpg

To start with the upper anchor grips the strands, and the hydraulic cylinder forces the anchor upwards together with the strand and the load connected to it. Once it reaches the stroke length, the lower grip, grips the strands preventing it from going down. The upper grip is released and the hydraulic cylinder strokes down to the bottom position. The upper grip then grips the strands and the lower grip is released. The cycle repeats itself creating a continuous linear movement, lifting the load .

Parameters of strand jack lifting system:

Multi strand jack lifting system1

strand jack lifting systemstrand jack lifting systemstrand jack lifting systemstrand jack lifting systemstrand jack lifting system

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Strand jack lifting system