Operation Of Intelligent Prestressed Tension Note

(1) the system at the same time control 2 or 4 jack tension, the real sense to achieve a number of synchronous and balanced tension construction process. (2) precise control of the value of tension, accurate measurement of prestress elongation. Can automatically make up, automatically collect the prestress elongation value, while verifying the elongation error. (3) the system uses wireless acquisition and control, remote monitoring, easy to operate, and has a high maintainability. (4) intelligent analysis of data processing, automatic generation of engineering management required for a variety of statements.
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Operation of Intelligent Prestressed Tension 

Intelligent Prestressed Tension in today's road bridges and other operations is one of the more common facilities, when the real use of the time does not seem to be everyone can control, according to Shaoxing manufacturers said that the operation of Tension Intelligent Tensioning Machine is There are a lot of attention, which in the end is how the matter?

    1, Check the ends of the wire at both ends of the wire, when there are cracks or damage, it should be replaced.

    2, Tension when the safety valve should be transferred to the specified value, is strictly prohibited to adjust, the operation should stand on the side of the prestressed steel strand.

    3, Check the connection between the high-pressure pump and the jack, the link must be intact, fastening, oil-free, high-pressure pump before the start, the oil control valve should be released, and then start the pump to be empty , And then closed the return valve personnel, and gradually unscrew the oil into the valve, the pressure table to achieve the required requirements after the operation can be put.

    4, When the oil pump oil pump jacks and other abnormal conditions should stop the tension, to identify the reasons.

    5, Tension must be unified command, in strict accordance with the requirements of security technology to read the table, the oil pressure shall not exceed the safety requirements, steel tension is strictly prohibited percussion, adjust the pressure test device.

    6, High-pressure oil pump to stop the operation, you should first disconnect the power, and then slowly release the oil return valve, when the pressure gauge back to zero, before unloading the jack connected to the jack, so that all the unloading of the jack.

    7, Must be specially trained to master the safety of Intelligent Prestressed Tension , technical knowledge and qualified after passing the exam.
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