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Main feature of PC strand pusher machine: It is easy to operate and convenient to maintain. In the process, two people can complete the operation, it can reduce labour and improve work efficiency.
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Description of pc strand pusher machine

PC strand pusher machine is also known as  strand threading machine.pc strand pusher machine (prestressed steel strand threading hole is referred to as the threaded cable) is driven by mechanical transmission. The roller clamps the steel strand for transmission. PC strand pusher machine can be forwarded, retracted, and can be continuously conveyed, or it can be transmitted in a timely manner. The speed of conveying steel wire is stepless, the operation is convenient, the performance is reliable, and the efficiency is remarkable. The prestressed steel stranding machine greatly reduces the labor intensity. The prestressed steel stranding machine is widely used in large bridges and box girders.

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PC strand pusher machine
1. PC strand pusher machine can push oc strand continuously .
2. It has the features of easy operation, reliable performance, efficiency significantly.
3. The machine reduces the labour, and widely used for large-scale bridges,  and constitutive objects.
4. High performance with good quality
5. PC strand pusher machine is the main tool of through strand in building bridges and large building with Prestressing work.

TECHNCIAL DATA of PC strand pusher machine:

Technical Data for CSJ15-60 Automatic Strand Pusher Machine(60M)

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