Post Tension Anchor With Multiple Holes

Application area of post tensin anchor:
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Introduction of post tension anchor:

post-tension anchor castings are an economical alternative to the post-tensioning chuck. Manufactured using high quality ductile iron and meet or exceed the requirements of the Post Tension Institute and International Building Code. Anchor castings are available for strand Sizes 600", 1/2", 7/16" and 3/8"

post tension anchor refers to a permanent anchoring device used in prestressed concrete. It is an anchoring tool used to hold the tension of prestressed tendons and transfer it to the interior of the concrete in post-tensioned structures or components, also called prestressed anchors

post tension anchor

Catogary of Post tension anchor:

Anchors can be divided into two categories depending on the type of use:

(a): An anchoring tool installed at the end of a prestressed tendon and capable of maintaining anchorage of the prestressed tendon during the tensioning of the prestressed tendon.

Tensioning anchors can be divided into anchoring anchors (YJM) for tensioning prestressed steel strands and steel conical anchoring (GZM) for tensioning high-strength steel wires, depending on the type of anchoring. Pierhead anchors (DM) for tensioning high-strength steel wire for boring heads, tensioned rolled steel nuts (YGM) for tensioning, chilled cast iron anchors (LZM) for tensioning parallel strands, etc. Many types.

(b) Fixed-end Anchors: Anchors installed at the ends of pre-stressed tendons, usually buried in concrete and not used for tensioning, are also known as extrusion anchors or P-anchors.

The latest standards for anchorages for prestressed tendons are: anchors, fixtures and connectors for prestressed tendons of the People's Republic of China (GB/T 14370-2007), anchors, fixtures and connectors for prestressed tendons of the Ministry of Railways (TB/ T3193-2008).

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Installation method of Post tension anchor:

Simple construction method of post tension anchor:

The simple construction method, also called prestressed anchorage construction and installation method, is a small anchorage construction and installation. It is a simple construction and simple construction with a diameter of 28-75 mm and a depth of 1~Sm in a rock drilled by the anchorage construction. It can be pneumatically drilled or manually set up, and then explode in a simple construction. The simple construction method can be used for excavation of foundation pits, mining of stone materials, loosening of permafrost, etc., but its anchorage installation and installation capacity is small, the efficiency is low, and the drilling workload is Big.

The layout of simple construction should use as much land surface as possible; the simple construction direction should be parallel to the free surface as far as possible. Avoid being perpendicular to the free surface, so as to avoid explosion of explosives, the destructive force will develop toward the minimum resistance line. The amount of drug can be calculated by loosening the drug charge. To prevent overshoots, the charge is roughly the depth of the blasthole.

General anchor installation method of post tension anchor:

The general anchorage installation method is to put a small amount of explosives at the bottom of the blast hole. After several times of anchorage construction and installation, it expands into the shape of a round ball. Finally, explosives are loaded to install the anchorage. This method has the advantages of better anchorage installation effect, higher work efficiency, faster progress, and less explosive consumption compared with the construction and installation method of the blasthole anchor. This method is often used in the construction and installation of shallow pile anchorages.

Complex anchor construction and installation

The construction and installation of complex anchorages is also called "directional anchorage installation and installation". It is a certain technical measure that strictly controls the blast energy and the scale of explosion to enable the construction, installation, and installation of anchorages, vibrations, damaged areas, and the scope of fragmentation. Control is within the prescribed limits. In cities and factories, there are often complex old bridge structures or structures, such as buildings, factory buildings, chimneys, water towers, and various foundations. Complex anchors are often used for construction and installation.

There are many factors considered in the construction and installation of complex anchorage devices, including the geometry and material of the anchor installations, the explosives used, the amount of drugs used, the simple construction and loading methods, coverings and protective measures, and the surrounding environment. It is explosives and charges.

be positive, the clips should be tightened, and the position of the clips should be uniform: However, when the clips are tightened, they must not be overweight so as not to knock the clips out.

post tension anchor

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