Post Tensioning Hydraulic Jack|120-600 Tons Through The Post Tension For Bridge Construction

1 main parts of the jack is made of high strength steel, has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size and characteristics. 2 short axial length, steel wire tension for short length, can save steel material. 3 lifting and flexible, durable, easy operation and convenient maintenance. High quality products, is the key to open the market door.
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post tensioning hydraulic jack|120-600 tons through the post tension for bridge construction

Product Description

Product Application:

Hydraulic retraction, overflow function limit travel, design pressure safety device to prevent sudden overpressure, the special structure of the jack to multiple protective effects, can withstand the partial load of negative Heda hydraulic cylinder, rated capacity of 5%, high strength alloy cylinder durable, especially in large engineering project is easy to operation and control of post tensioning hydraulic jack.  
Widely used in post tensioning construction of large buildings, structures, prestressed concrete bridges, rock and soil anchor, hydraulic structure, foundation and other projects.


Outside diametermm240
Center hole diametermm78
Important attributes
Other attributes
Is it double acting/Double Acting
Body materials/45#Steel
Oil pressureMpa48

Hydraulic Stressing JackPost Tension Working Hydraulic Stress Jack For Bridge Construction.jpg

Specifications: YCW60D-200 Jack, YCW80D-200 Jack, YCW100D-200 Jack, YCW120D-200 Jack, YCW150D-200 Jack, YCW200D-200 Jack, YCW250D-200 Jack, YCW300D-200 Jack, YCW350D-200 Jack, YCW400D-200 Jack, YCW450D-200 Jack, YCW500D-200 Jack, YCW600D-200 Jack, YCW650D-200 Jack, YCW800D-200 Jack.

Can be customized according to customer requirements of different ton jack's center hole diameter and stroke.

post tensioning jack calibration.jpg

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