Prestressed Eletric Oil Pump|digital Control Hydraulic Electric Oil Pump Used in Bridge Jack

1 has a small size, light weight, simple structure, easy operation, high working pressure.
2 high pressure, low flow, electric oil pump.
3 double loop performance is stable..
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Product Details

Prestressed Eletric Oil Pump|digital Control Hydraulic Electric Oil Pump Used In Bridge Jack

Product description:

ZB -hydraulic electric oil pump (plunger pump) 4 --- main performance parameters (rated flow 2L / min) 500 ---- the main performance parameters (rated pressure 50MPa) H --- improved parameters (with separate oil valve)

Products use:

1. For tension less than 100KN, and supporting the hydraulic jack apply.

2. The hydraulic electric oil pump /is a micro-ultra-high pressure, can be a single hydraulic pump station, equipped with double-acting hydraulic cylinder cargo special equipment, can achieve lifting, stretching, extrusion, bending, Demolition, press fit and other work requirements; can be in other machinery and equipment for hydraulic power components; can also be used as high-pressure series of hydraulic components, high pressure vessels, Post-tension Stressed Pump; high-altitude operations, mobile operations more features.

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Product parameters:


preset pressure(Mpa)

Limited Data(L/min)























Pull the pump in use Note:

According to the maximum working pressure adjustment screw to adjust the safety pressure on the control valve, jack oil supply circuit is adjusted to a maximum of 50MPa, jack return oil oil pump up to 25MPa.

4. jack connected with the pump station

    Applicable to the hydraulic electric oil pump station is to pull or push the top of the oil supply to ensure that the control valve on the nozzle A connected to the rod without rod oil, back to the nozzle B then jack back to the oil chamber.

5. Operation of throttle, reversing valve and unloading valve

     First open the throttle valve, unloading valve all open, the valve to the "stop" position, and then start the pump, and then pull the valve to the "jack no rod cavity" position, and then adjust the throttle to pressure Adjust to the pressure required for work. After the end of the pull or push the end, you should first open the unloading valve and then pull the valve to the "jack with a rod cavity" position, so that jack back. Screw throttle valve, unloading valve and pull the valve, should not be too much force, so as not to produce hydraulic shock and damage the valve port,

6. Troubleshooting

Prestressed Eletric Oil Pumpdigital Control Hydraulic Electric Oil Pump Used In Bridge Jack.jpg













Not the oil, the oil shortage, the pressure is insufficient, the reasons for pressure fluctuations and the exclusion method: 1. Pump body with air, should open the pump idling, screw the handle for exhaust; 2. High pressure tubing oil, replace the copper pad , Tighten the nut, replace the high-pressure tubing assembly; 3. tank oil is too low, should be added hydraulic oil, the oil surface shall not be lower than the instructions on the cabinet red gauge; 4 oil is too thin, too sticky, Should be re-filter or replace the new oil; 5. prestressed electric oil pump filter net plug, should be removed cleaning or replacement of oil filter network; 6 with valve failure, should be replaced with valve assembly; Wear, should replace the new plunger; 8. safety valve failure, should be adjusted safety valve, such as damage is replaced; 9. unloading valve, throttle loose, failure, should be equipped with oil valve port or replace the stem.

     Load the pressure gauge needle back to the reasons and methods: 1. Exposure, should find the cause of leakage, re-install; 2. Check valve failure, unscrew the one-way valve, tighten the throttle, boot 1-2 minutes , Into the oil flush check valve ball or remove the one-way valve nail, replace the new ball ¢ 6.35 re-pressure arc; 3. unloading valve failure, should be developed with valve or replace the valve stem.

     The pressure can only hit the cause of 25MPa and the exclusion method: pipe reversing the valve seat relief valve to work, should be the oil inlet and return exports for the connection tubing. Tension electric pump

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