Prestressed Multi Holes Round Wedge Anchorage

Prestressed multi holes round wedge anchorage is mainly used for pre-tensioned, post-tensioned construction in prestressed concrete structures and components which is currently China –led prestressing anchorage system. Our round anchorage system including work of anchor plate terminal,work clip,and spiral ribs. YJM 13 serie round anchorage suit for 12.7mm-15.2mm strand and YJM 15 series round anchorage suit for 15.2mm-15.7mm strand
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Application of prestressed multi holes round wedge anchorage :

Highway bridge, railway bridge, City Interchange, city rail, high-rise building, water conservancy and hydropower dam, port anchorage

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Parameter of prestressed multi holes round wedge anchorage :
According to the diameter of steel stranded wire, it can be divided into YM12.7, YM13, YM18 type anchorage, the anchoring system is mainly applicable to the strength of 1860MPA-2000Mpa and below the level of 12.7mm, 12.9mm, 15.24mm, 15.7mm, and 17.8mm as the standard strength of steel strand of 5mm-7mm high strength steel beam 1670Mpa. Wide range of options, YM is suitable for design of tension anchor system between 0-12000KN, the number of steel strand range is 55;

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