Strand Pusher Machine|Electric Stranding Machine Conforms to Bridge Construction Standard

1 the machine with automatic threading and automatic brake device, belonging to the technical specialty.
2 post tension strand pushe can retreat, small volume, light weight, simple operation, convenient maintenance.
3 in the process of construction, two people can complete the operation, greatly reduce labor intensity, improve the production efficiency.
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Product Details

strand pusher machine|Electric stranding   machine conforms to bridge construction standard

 Product description:
 Strand pusher machine /is prestressed work, as the main channel tool wear steel hinge line for building bridges and large buildings. Can be configured according to user needs.
ZTCS steel strand pusher /adopts main tool wear steel strand for prestressed duct work in building bridges and large buildings.


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Product parameters:

Anchor Cable Pushing Machine

 16 (Phi Phi 14- according to user needs   configuration)

Conveying distance

 160 m

Overall weight 

80 kg

Transmission distance








1 cutting   off machine (cutting off steel strand),

2frequency   changer (controlling speed, speed regulating function)

 Use note:
Preparation before start up
(1) check whether the electrical circuit is in good condition and check the oil level in the reducer Post-tensioning Strands Pusher Machine
(2) check the direction of motor rotation, whether it conforms to the direction of the arrow on the casing
(3) switch on the power supply, debug and confirm the positive and negative turns normal work
(1) insert the steel wire to lay the shelf into the line from the machine, to move into the line button switch, the steel hinge line slowly into the machine, along the catheter into the ducts to the other end out of reach reserved tension size, strand pusher machine cut off by a hand-held sand turbine.
(2) when the conveyor distance is not reached, it can adjust the driving wheel on the machine to compress the spring screw to meet the requirements of the work, but it can not be adjusted too tightly, so as to prevent the abrasion of the press wheel and reduce the service life during operation
(3) when working, pay attention to whether the operation is normal, when found any fault, should immediately stop, identify the cause, troubleshooting, and then start

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