Tension Intelligent Tensioning Machine|2 Or 4 Jack Synchronous Tension Construction

1 2 or 4 jack synchronous tension construction
2 computer to accurately monitor the tension data.
3 Increases labor costs by 80% for tension construction.
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Tension Intelligent Tensioning Machine|2 or 4 jack synchronous tension construction

Characteristics of Tension Intelligent Tensioning Machine

1, two-way tension synchronization is good
2, the oil pump into the oil rate can be loaded
3, the precise control of prestressed, power memory, continued to work when power connected again, can be completed after the tension in the tension.
4, automatically calculate the tension results, automatically generate reports to prevent data loss.
5, real-time tracking, timely error correction, stability and good performance, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of the project.

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Parameter of Tension Intelligent Tensioning Machine:

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Applications of Tension Intelligent Tensioning Machine:

Mainly used in bridges, tunnels, hydroelectric dams, water aqueducts, buildings, steel components, such as a variety of first pull or post-tensioning prestressed construction.