High Performance Standard Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Jack

High Performance Standard Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Jack

In bridge erection engineering, an electric pumping station can provide power for synchronous lifting jack from 4 to 32 units (or more stations), and synchronize jacking up to install or replace bridge supporting pads.
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Use of  Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Jack

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Use method of Manual lock nut hydraulic jack:

1, if the oil volume of the pump body is insufficient, we should first add working oil (10# oil) to the pump to work.

2, estimate the weight, avoid overloading use.

3, determine the center of gravity of heavy load, choose Jack's focal point, and at the same time, we must consider whether the ground's soft and hard degree is padded with tough wood, so as to avoid the risk of dumping when lifting.

4, after lifting the weight of the jack, it is necessary to support the heavy load with strong wood in time. It is forbidden to use Jack as a support, so as to avoid the unbalanced load and the risk of dumping.

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5, the use of the first hand pump fast joint and the top butt, and then select the position, the oil pump on the oil screw tightened, can work. The oil drain screw loosening, cylinder unloading.

6, electric pump please refer to the electric use instructions.

Precautions for the use of Flat Jack Lock Nut Cylinder:

1., if there is a phenomenon of empty play, you can relax the oil drain screw on the pump body first, and then pump the body up vertically, then empty the head down for several times, then screw the oil drain screw, and then continue to use.

2. in case of load, do not remove the quick joint in order to avoid accidents and damage to the machine.

3. the machine is oil as medium, oil and the machine must do maintenance work, so as to avoid blockage or leakage, affect the use effect.

4., new or long-term Hydraulic Cylinder Jack, because of the more air in the cylinder, when it starts to use, the piston rod may appear tiny jump phenomenon. It can carry out 2-3 times of the reciprocating motion of the oil jack, so as to exclude the air in the cavity.

For a long time, the idle Jack causes the seal to harden due to the long-term failure of the seal, thus affecting the service life of the oil jack. Therefore, when the jack is not used, the Low Height Hydraulic Cylinders Jack will be reciprocating for 2-3 times every month.

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