Wholesale Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine

Wholesale Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine

This machine can make the steel strands into and retreat, gather and lay out and thread wear as a whole. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple operation and convenient maintenance. In the process of construction, two people can complete all operations, which not only reduces labor intensity, but also improves production efficiency.
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Wholesale Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine

The GYJB-150 Anchor extruder is a special equipment for extruding the P type anchorage in the P anchorage system. The device has the advantages of simple operation and light weight.

This Swage Anchor Extruder is suitable for the production of anchorage head in prestressing tendons, and is a special tool for extruding anchorage.

Technical parameter of GYJB50-150 Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning:

anchor end extruder222.png

GYJ series of Compression Fitting Machine is divided into GYJB type and GYJ type solid core two.

Processing steps and precautions of P type anchorage tendons

When the prestressing steel strand is installed with the extrusion sleeve, the steel strand is first fixed according to the predetermined length. After the reverse treatment is applied, the extrusion spring and the extrusion sleeve are inserted into the extruder, and then extruded on the extruder.

Anchor end extruder12.jpg   Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning12.jpg

The process of extrusion processing;

1 connect the extruder to the oil pump and connect the power supply.

2 apply the wetting grease to the extrusion die.

3 the extrusion spring is put into the steel strand and through the extrusion die of the extruder together.

4 extruding sleeve on the extrusion spring coat of the steel stranded wire.

The oil pump supply oil to the Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine and squeezes the extruding sleeve through the extrusion die. It is the extruding sleeve which is fined and nested on the steel strand.

Matters needing attention

By extrusion through extrusion mode, the highest oil pressure should be between 25-38Mpa.

After extruding, it is required that the bottom and the steel strand be nested tightly, and the extrusion spring should be embedded in the extruding sleeve and the steel strand.

The length and outer diameter of the extruded sleeve should be in accordance with the manufacturer's given value, and the outside should be smooth and no crack.

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