Wholesale Compact Grout Plants Station

Wholesale Compact Grout Plants Station

It has the characteristics of convenient movement, high degree of automation, accurate measurement, simple operation and so on.
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Wholesale Compact Grout Plants Station

Automatic grouting equipment and colloidal grout mixer belongs to movable mortar mixing storage equipment, mainly including cement mortar high-speed mixing system and cement mortar storage (low speed agitation anti solidification) system. Each time high speed mixing of 400 liters of mortar, stirring 6-10 cubic meters per hour. The high speed mixing bucket is equipped with weighing measuring device and automatic feeding, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of construction personnel.

Characteristics of Grouting station:

(1) automatic operation

Use only setting powder and water ratio and time of stirring, the Compact Grout Plants Station will automatically control water and on powder and stirring time, and mixing is completed automatically open the discharge valve, the cement slurry after high speed stirring into the low-speed storage tank for standby. The automatic operation can completely avoid the influence of manual operation on the mixing process, and ensure the mixing quality.

(2) high speed mixing.

High speed stirring can make powder and water fully stir. The speed of the high-speed mixing drum of the car is as high as 1000 rpm, which is 10-20 times as much as that of other mixers.

(3) low speed storage and anti freezing.

The car is equipped with a larger capacity of low speed mixing drum, can be 2-3 times after high-speed mixing of cement slurry, to meet the needs of large capacity use.

(4) walking system with its own.

All the equipment of the trolley is mounted on a single axle frame, which can be easily used by other vehicles to be towed to the place of use, and the whole machine is easy to move

The automatic grouting trolley equipment, grouting equipment grouting equipment structure is novel, with high production efficiency, good mixing quality, beautiful appearance and so on.

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Parameters of Grout mixer machine:


Working principle of grout mixer machine:

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