Wholesale Post Tensioned Anchors

Wholesale Post Tensioned Anchors

It is suitable for the anchorage of prestressed concrete tensioning in the process of construction. Usually in bridge construction, it is often used to pre install the location, and then pour concrete into the two ends of the concrete, that is, the two ends of the bellows, for the purpose of stabilizing the jack when pulling.
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Wholesale post tensioned anchors

Product description of post tensioning jobs:

The permanent anchorage device used in prestressed concrete is anchorage tool to maintain tensile force of prestressed tendon and transfer it to the internal part of concrete in post tensioned structure or component, also known as Multi-Holes Anchorage. The anchorage can be divided into two categories according to the type of use:

1. Tensioning anchorage: anchorage tool installed at the end of prestressed tendons and can always anchorage the prestressing tendon during the tensioning process of the prestressed tendons.

Tension anchor according to different anchor type can be divided into: for prestressed steel strand anchorage (YJM), used for steel cone bolttensioning high-strength steel wire (GZM), for the pier anchor head of post tensioned high-strength steel wire (DM), tension nut for finishing rolling rebar the (YGM), used for tensioning strands of parallel beam of cold cast head anchorage (LZM) and other types of.

2, fixed end anchorage: installed at the end of the prestressed tendon, usually embedded in the concrete and without tension anchorage, also known as a squeeze anchor or P anchor.

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Application area of post tension anchor:

Highway bridge, railway bridge, City Interchange, city rail, high-rise building, water conservancy and hydropower dams, ports, rock slope, foundation reinforcement, anchorage tunnel roof top anchor, prestressed grid, large buildings, subway, warehouse building, tower building, heavy lifting, pushing, pushing the intermittent synovial tunnel, and large container ship, sleeper, replacement of bridges and buildings, bridge bearing reinforcement, reinforcement engineering, and antimagnetic Anticorrosion Engineering (fiber anchor), carbon fiber reinforcement, pre tensioned prestressed beam construction, engineering, cable and suspension in vitro.

Construction technology and characteristics of post tensioned anchors:

Post tensioning method refers to: first pouring cement concrete, after reaching 75% of the design strength, and then stretching the prestressed steel to form the construction method of prestressed concrete member.

The first production component, and the component body according to the position of the prestressed reinforcement for the corresponding channel, the strength of concrete components to achieve the required strength (generally not less than the design strength of the standard value of 75%), in the reserve through the prestressed reinforcement channel in tension, and the use of the anchor tension after anchoring in the end member, member of end anchorage will depend on the pre tension prestressed reinforcement to the concrete, the compressive pre stress in the channel; finally pouring cement grout, the prestressed reinforcement and concrete member integrally formed.